Test 2 Extra Credit

You got half a point for picking something, and half a point for answering “why.” Right answer? Any of them, if you make a case for it

Number who chose each and my favorite answers:

Aside from maize, the most important new food from the Americas was:

  • Chili Peppers (12): “This was another plant that was a valuable food source because it gave unprecedented flavor to bland European food. This also expanded to other places besides Europe like southeast Asia, such is why Thai food is so spicy.”
  • Chocolate (20): “was very popular in trade and a lot of people desired it. Helped make new foods was grown in different places than origin. Helped in slave trade and imperialism.”
  • Peanuts (5): “Oil was able to be extracted from the peanuts for cooking.”
  • Tomato (3): “It obviously had a huge influence in Italian food.”
  • Vanilla (4): “without vanilla we would not have my favorite ice cream”