Test #2 Results

The top terms were:

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Industrial Revolution
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte
  4. Isaac Newton
  5. Declaration of Independence
  6. Charles Darwin

As with the pop quizzes, I scored each answer on a 4-point scale, then added up the results. The high score in the class was 42 out of a possible 48 (before extra credit) again, which I used as the 100% mark (which again raised everyone’s grades a lot). The median score was between B and B-. Here’s how the grade scale worked out:

Grade minimum points distribution
A+ 42
A 39.8 20%
A- 37.8
B+ 34.8
B 30.3 40%
B- 27.3
C+ 24.3
C 19.8 30%
C- 16.8
D+ 13.8
D 9.3 10%
D- 6.3
F 0

If you compare it to the last quiz, you can see some movement from B to A and some movement from D to C. But not much.