Section Three (10am) Eating History Chapter Selection

The time has come to pick your chapter for the Eating History project. Indicate your selection by leaving a comment on this post (you do not need to register with edublogs in order to comment, but you do need to put your name on it, so I know) indicating which chapter you want. First come, first served, and no duplicates, so you might want to have several possibilities in mind. After the selections are made, I will make copies of the chapters available, though you are always welcome to purchase the book from other sources.

If you are in the 2pm section (Section Four), then go to this post to make your selection.

Eating History Chapter list (with clarifications)

  1. Oliver Evans’s Automated Mill (mechanical flour milling) Jaeger
  2. The Erie Canal (transportation) Kutz
  3. Delmonico’s (French cuisine) Brush
  4. Sylvester Graham’s Reforms (health food) Harding
  5. Cyrus McCormick’s Reaper (agricultural mechanization) Gomez
  6. A Multiethnic Smorgasbord (immigration) Jegen
  7. Giving Thanks (Thanksgiving Holiday) Carter
  8. Gail Borden’s Canned Milk (canning) Eichelberger
  9. The Homogenizing War (Civil War) Griffin
  10. The Transcontinental Railroad (refrigeration) Sammur
  11. Fair Food (1876 & 1893 World Fairs) Tarvin
  12. Henry Crowell’s Quaker Special (packaging and marketing) N. Nicholson
  13. Wilbur O. Atwater’s Calorimeter (nutrition science) Hendrix
  14. The Cracker Jack Snack (snacks and candy) Patterson
  15. Fannie Farmer’s Cookbook (standardization) New
  16. The Kellogg’s Corn Flakes (breakfast cereals) Lake
  17. Upton Sinclair’s Jungle (food safety) Thornton
  18. Frozen Seafood and TV Dinners Green
  19. Michael Cullen’s Super Market Schrankler
  20. Earle MacAusland’s Gourmet (food magazines) Sugita
  21. Jerome I. Rodale’s Organic Gardening Davis
  22. Percy Spencer’s Radar (microwave ovens) Lednicky
  23. Frances Roth and Katherine Angell’s CIA (Culinary Institute of America) Wade
  24. McDonald’s Drive-In (fast food) Streeter
  25. Julia Child, the French Chef (television and cuisine) Rousseau & Walker
  26. Jean Nidetch’s Diet (Weight Watchers) Frogley & Baldwin
  27. Alice Water’s Chez Panisse (local food) Tridle
  28. TVFN (cable food network) Mance
  29. The Flavr Savr (genetically modified foods)
  30. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Spin-Offs (food industry) W. Smith

41 comments to Section Three (10am) Eating History Chapter Selection

  1. […] If you are in the 10am section (Section Three), then go to this post to make your selection. […]

  2. Reid Harding says:

    Chapter 4

  3. Mitchell Streeter says:

    Chapter 24

  4. Robert Lake says:

    Chapter 16

  5. Michael Sammur says:

    Chapter 16

  6. Michael Sammur says:

    Chapter 10

  7. Emily Lednicky says:

    Chapter 22 Percy Spencer’s Radar

  8. Jordan Patterson says:

    chapter 14

  9. Kasey Eichelberger says:

    chapter 8

  10. Michael Bullard says:

    chapter 29

  11. Jason Tarvin says:

    Chapter 11

  12. John Rousseau says:

    chapter 25

  13. Kelsi Frogley says:

    Chapter 26

  14. Bridget Walker says:

    Chapter 25 Julia Child

  15. Shaya Carter says:

    Chapter 7 Shaya Carter

  16. Joshua Thornton says:

    Chapter 17

  17. jdresner says:

    I’ve updated the list so that you can more easily see which chapters are still available. Don’t forget to check the comments below this, though, for later claims. If your name isn’t on the list above, it’s either because I’ve missed it (let me know!) or because someone else got to the chapter first and you need to pick another.

  18. Nicholas Jegen says:

    Chapter 6

  19. Nicholas Nicholson says:

    Chapter 12

  20. Megan Green says:

    Chapter 12
    Henry Crowell Quaker Special

  21. Ashley Mance says:

    Chapter 28 TVFN-Cable Food Network

    Ashley Mance

  22. nicole hendrix says:

    13.Wilbur O. Atwater’s Calorimeter (nutrition science)

  23. Megan Green says:

    Chapter 18

  24. Devon says:

    Devon Griffin ch 8

  25. Devon says:

    Devon Griffin Chapter 9

  26. Rhyan Tridle says:

    Chapter 27

  27. Frances Wade says:

    chapter 23

  28. Whitney Smith says:

    Chapter 30

  29. jdresner says:

    Updated again. Really surprised nobody’s taken ch. 15 yet!

  30. Brandon Davis says:

    chapter 21

  31. Kelsey New says:

    Ch. 15

  32. Craig Schrankler says:

    Chapter 19

  33. Britton Gomez says:

    ch 5

  34. Nao Sugita says:

    ch 20

  35. Lohgan Brush says:

    chapter 3

  36. Adrienne Kutz says:

    Chapter 2

  37. carl jaeger says:

    chapter 1

  38. Stephen Baldwin says:

    Stephen Baldwin Chapter 26

  39. jdresner says:

    Updated to show class additions.

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