Comments about Next Week’s Eating History Presentations

A few notes about the Eating History chapter presentations next week:

  • With thirty chapters (and more than thirty presenters), I’ll be keeping a strict 3-minute limit, and warning you when you get to the 2-minute mark.
  • Presentations will be in order of the chapters: be ready when it’s your turn!
  • Don’t just read your summary (which is due Friday, by the way): good presentation is about talking to your audience.
  • Practice: short time means you have to get to the point, get through the interesting details, and be done efficiently. Without focus and rehearsal, you won’t know how fast to move, what to cut out, or what you can put in.
  • Don’t stress: the presentation isn’t graded (though doing it is a significant component of the project grade)
  • The goal is to share enough information that everyone gets the benefit of reading the entire book. Without, obviously, reading the entire book.

Update: I realized that I misspoke in class. The presentations are Monday and Wednesday next week.