Live-blogging Grading: Page 3, “Revenge of All Of The Above”

This page had a lot of  “all of the above” answers – 4 out of 14 questions – but only one of them was correct, and all four turned out to be very tricky. The two trickiest were, apparently,

  1. Athens was known for
    1. democracy, philosophy, and trade
    2. military focus, agriculture and chariots
    3. equality, publishing and technological development
    4. all of the above
  1. Leader who conquered the territory sometimes known as Persia
    1. Alexander the Great
    2. Cyrus the Great
    3. General Seleucus
    4. all of the above

There were also problems with the Shang Dynasty, Sophocles and Aristophanes, and Daoism….