Grading Blogging: Last of the Multiple Choices

Aside from some confusion between Axum and Ghana, and between Sufi, Shiite and Sunni (more about that later), the questions people had the most trouble on were

  1. In order to maintain “Bread and Circuses” for the citizens of Rome, the Collosseum was the site of
    1. gladatorial contests
    2. children’s festivals
    3. baking competitions
    4. all of the above
  2. 1001 Arabian Nightsgets its title from
    1. the knights of the Crusades
    2. the story of Scheherazade
    3. the tradition of daylight fasting
    4. Buddhist folktales

The answer to Q54 was not (d), and while 1001 Nights may have some connection to global traditions, that’s not what it’s mostly about.

Also, to my surprise, over half of the class chose not to attempt the extra credit.