Test 5 Results and Adjusted Test Grades

Each question was worth up to 4 points, for a possible total of 32. The highest score in the class before extra credit was 26; the median was a B-, which is good, and nobody who took the test failed. The grade scale works out like this:

Grade starts at distribution
A+ 26
A 24.5 20%
A- 23.25
B+ 21.25
B 18.75 40%
B- 16.75
C+ 14.75
C 12.25 30%
C- 10.25
D+ 8.25
D 5.75 10%
D- 3.74
F under 0%

If you answered 8 questions, but failed to answer one from each chapter, I took a 2 point penalty off your grade. (If you didn’t answer all 8 questions, I did not)

If you want to discuss your performance, and how you can improve it next time, feel free to come by my office hours. If you want to dispute your grade, feel free to do so in writing.

For the overall test grade, the average of the highest 4 grades (including students who have not taken the last few tests), the median grade is right on the B-/C+ border and the approximate distribution was like this

Grade %age
A 15
B 35
C  25
D 5
F 20