History 102 (Fall 2010)

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Jonathan Dresner
Office: Russ Hall 406F
Office Hours: MWF 10-2, TuTh 11-12


Topics, Administrative schedule

Readings, Assignments

M (8/23) 1500 and All That
W (8/25) Religious and Cultural Survey email student information form to instructor jdresner@pittstate.edu

Resources: Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam, World Map, World Population

F (8/27) Humanism and Renaissance Chapter 15
Renaissance Art
M (8/30) Columbian Exchange
Last day to enroll or add without instructor permission. Last day for online enrollment.
Columbian Exchange
W (9/1) Indian Ocean Trade and Joint Stock Cos. Chapter 16
F (9/3) Reformation
M (9/6) Labor Day holiday
9/7 Last Day to drop without ‘W’
W (9/8) Ottoman, Safavid, Mughal Chapter 17
Ottoman, Safavid, Mughal
F (9/10) Early Modern Europe: Kennedy Thesis Wealth and Government Powerpoints
M (9/13) Migration and social change Chapter 18
W (9/15) Africa and Historiography: World Systems Theory Chapter 19
African Slave Trade
F (9/17) Early Modern: Definition and Application Chapter 20
Early Modernity and Asian History Powerpoint
M (9/20) Scientific Revolution
Eating History Chapter Selection
Chapter 21
Scientific Revolution Powerpoint
W (9/22) catch-up/review
Last day for half tuition refund

F (9/24) Test #1 (Chapters 15-20)
M (9/27) Enlightenment Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment Chronology

Enlightenment Powerpoint

W (9/29) American Revolution: Interpretations Chapter 22
Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States
F (10/1) French Revolution French Revolution/Napoleon Chronology

French Revolution Chronology Powerpoint

M (10/4) Eating History presentations
W (10/6) Eating History presentations
Eating History
chapter summary and book selection due
F (10/8) Napoleon and Reactions: Tegrity Lecture: Napoleon Instructor Absent: online lecture

Napoleon Powerpoint

M (10/11) 19c Political thought Tegrity Lecture: 19th Century European Thought
Columbus Day (not a holiday)
Instructor Absent, online lecture
Chapter 23

19th Century Political Intellectual History Powerpoint

W (10/13) Industrialization
F (10/15) China: Opium and Religion Chapter 24
M (10/18) Japan: Meiji
Midsemester D/F Grades Due

W (10/20) North v. South Chapter 25
North and South America

Comparing 19c Postcolonial Americas Powerpoint

F (10/22) Fall Break
M (10/25) New Imperialism: Korea Chapter 26
Korea Under Imperialism
W (10/27) catch-up/review
Last day to apply for December graduation
F (10/29) Test#2 (Chapters 21-26)
M (11/1) WWI: Fronts and Technologies Chapter 27
World War One
Technology of War, pt. 1World War One Powerpoint
W (11/3) WWI part 2
F (11/5) “Age of Anxiety” part 1
M (11/8) “Age of Anxiety” part 2
Early Enrollment for Spring begins
The Age of Anxiety: 1920s Powerpoint
W (11/10) Politics: Nationalism, Wilsonianism, Totalitarianism Chapter 28
F (11/12) Great Depression: Origins and Responses Mussolini’s What is Fascism?
M (11/15) Naziism & Holocaust
Last day to drop single course.
Chapter 29
Hitler’s 25-point Plan

Hitler and Holocaust Powerpoint

W (11/17) WWII: technologies of total war World War II Technology and Atrocities Powerpoint
F (11/19)
M (11/22) Cold War
Decolonization and Internationalism
Chapter 30
Cold War Chronology and Proxy Wars
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
W (11/24) Thanksgiving Holiday
F (11/26) Thanksgiving Holiday
M (11/29) 1980s Coalition & Globalization

Culture and Technology

Chapter 31
Reagan and Leadership in the 1980s
W (12/1) Faiths and Freedoms, Law and Rights Chapter 32
F (12/3) catch-up/review
M (12/5) Test#3 (Chapters 27-32)
W (12/8) Book Review presentations
12/9 Last day to withdraw from entire term.
F (12/10) Last Day of instruction Book Review presentations

Book Review Due

F (12/17) Final Exam Essays Essays due 10am, in my office or office mailbox.