Reading Homeworks

Reading Homework
Spring 2012

  • Reading Homework assignments are due by email (, or through Angel Mail) by 9am on the day assigned.
  • You may send it as an attachment (Word, txt, or rtf format) or in the text of the email.
  • I do not want a printed/paper copy.
  • Homeworks are graded primarily (80%) on completion, and are included in the Professionalism grade.

Due 2/27 (M)

English Bill of Rights” (1689)
US Declaration of Independence” (1776)
French Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen” (1789)

What rights are included in all three documents? For each right you think is in all three, identify the right and include the text which refers to the right in all three documents.

(Note: The English Bill of Rights includes both complaints about violated rights and protections of declared rights. The US Declaration of Independence is mostly about violated rights. Those negative statements are indications of what the authors believe are important rights.)

Due 3/9 (F)

Eating History

For 10 consecutive chapters, identify the thesis of each chapter. Not the topic: that’s too obvious. The thesis is the point of the chapter, the significance or effect of the topic on American cuisine: why is it included in this selection of historical turning points? Use complete sentences.

Your 10 consecutive chapters may be anywhere from the first ten (1-10) to the last ten (21-30) or anywhere in between

Due 4/13 (F)

The Sunflower

The first half of the book is Wiesenthal’s story. The second half of the book is a collection of reactions to the problem that Wiesenthal encounters: pick one that you agree with and one that you disagree with, and for each one, briefly explain why (100-300 words each).

Due 4/18 (W)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Two Questions: (Answer both)

  • Aside from Article 29, is there anything in the UDHR which creates obligations or responsibilities for citizens? Note the article(s) and explain what kind of obligation(s) or responsibility(ies) it creates.
  • Compared to the documents earlier this semester (see above, 2/22) what rights in the UDHR are new? Any right which was in any of the earlier documents doesn’t count. For each new right, explain what the right is and which article it’s in.