Hist 102 (Fall 2008)

Hist 102: World History from 1500

Fall 2008, sections 2 and 4

Jonathan Dresner
Office: Russ Hall 406F
Office Hours: MWF 10-11, 1-2; TuTh 10-12


8/25 (M)

First Day of Classes

8/27 (W)

The Renaissance

8/29 (F)

Machiavelli and the rest of the world.

9/1 (M)

Labor Day Holiday

9/3 (W)

Chapter 15: Expanding Worlds: Recovery In The Late Fourteenth And Fifteenth Centuries

Ma Huan

9/5 (F)

Chapter 16: Imperial Arenas: New Empires In The Sixteenth And Seventeenth Centuries

Japan encounters the West

Bertolome de las Casas, A Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies

9/8 (M)

Catch-up/ReviewDiscuss essay and test assignments

Last day to drop without “W”

9/10 (W)

Short Essay 1: Values

Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq: “Süleyman the Lawgiver”

9/12 (F)

Test 1

9/15 (M)

Chapter 17: The Ecological Revolution Of The Sixteenth And Seventeenth Centuries

Thomas Dudey, letter to Lady Bridget, Countess of Lincoln, 1631

9/17 (W)

Chapter 18: Mental Revolutions: Religion And Science In The Sixteenth And Seventeenth Centuries

Matteo Ricci, selection from his Journals

9/19 (F)


9/22 (M)

Short Essay 2: Values and Valuables Christopher Columbus, journal excerpt and letter

9/24 (W)

Test 2

9/26 (F)

Chapter 19: States And Societies: Political And Social Change In The Sixteenth And Seventeenth Centuries

Niccolo Machiavelli, excerpts from The Prince

9/29 (M)

Chapter 20: Driven By Growth: The Global Economy In The Eighteenth Century

Thomas Malthus, excerpt from Essay on the Principle of Population

10/1 (W)

Rosh Hashanah (2nd day)

10/3 (F)

Paper feedback
Tokugawa Shogunate, The Laws for the Military House, 1615

10/6 (M)

Short Essay 3: State Powers and Limits

10/8 (W)

Test 3

10/10 (F)

Chapter 21: The Age Of Global Interaction: Expansion And Intersection Of Eighteenth-Century Empires

Alexander Telfair, Instructions to an Overseer in a Cotton Plantation

10/13 (M)

Chapter 22: The Exchange Of Enlightenment: Eighteenth-Century Thought

Columbus Day (not a holiday)

Cesare Beccaria, from An Essay on Crimes and Punishments

10/15 (W)

Discussion of document Revolutionary France: Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen, 1791

10/17 (F)

Short Essay 4: Political Values, review for test

10/20 (M)

Test 4

10/22 (W)

Midsemester D/F grades due

Chapter 23: Replacing Muscle: The Energy Revolutions

Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels, from The Communist Manifesto

10/24 (F)

Fall Break (10/23-24)

10/27 (M)

Chapter 24: The Social Mold: Work And Society In The Nineteenth Century

The Sadler Report: Child Labor in the United Kingdom, 1832

10/29 (W)

discussion Henrik Ibsen, from A Doll’s House, Act Three

10/31 (F)

Short Essay 5: Family

11/3 (M)

Test 5

11/5 (W)

Chapter 25: Western Dominance In The Nineteenth Century World: The Westward Shift Of Power And The Rise Of Global Empires
Colonization of Korea

Fustel de Coulanges, letter to German Historian Theodor Mommsen

11/7 (F)

Chapter 26: The Changing State: Political Developments In The Nineteenth Century

John Stuart Mill, excerpts from On Liberty

11/10 (M)


11/12 (W)

Test 6
Short Essay Revision Due

Last day to withdraw from single course

11/14 (F)

Chapter 27: The Twentieth-Century Mind: Western Science And The World

(from ch. 28) Soldier’s Accounts of Battle and François Carlotti, from “World War I: A Frenchman’s Recollections” and British Soldiers on the Battle of the Somme

11/17 (M)

Chapter 28: World Order And Disorder: Global Politics In The Twentieth Century

Benito Mussolini, from “The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism”

11/19 (W)


Technologies of WWI and WWII

11/21 (F)

Test 7 (Instructor Absent)

11/24 (M)

Long Essay Part One: Timeline

11/26 (W)

Thanksgiving Break

11/28 (F)

Thanksgiving Break

12/1 (M)

Chapter 29: The Pursuit Of Utopia: Civil Society In The Twentieth Century

Cold War Chronology

UN “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” 1948

12/3 (W)

Chapter 30: The Embattled Biosphere: The Twentieth-Century Environment

Sayyid Qutb, from Milestones, 1964

12/5 (F)

Long Essay Part Two: Thesis, Outline

12/8 (M)


12/10 (W)

Test 8

12/12 (F)

Long Essay Due


Last day of instruction

12/15 (M)

Hist 102-04 (MWF 9) Final 9-10:50

12/17 (W)

Hist 102-02 (MWF 11) Final 11-12:50