Hist 102 (Fall 2009)

Hist 102: World History from 1500

Fall 2009, sections 2 and 4

Jonathan Dresner
Office: Russ Hall 406F
Office Hours: MWF 10-11, 1-2; TuTh 10-12


Administrative Deadlines and Instructional Holidays are in Italics

Assignments and Tests are in Bold

Date Readings and Assignments Topics
M (8/24)
W (8/26) Chapter 15. Maritime Expansion in the Atlantic World, 1400–1600, Humanism and Renaissance (Renaissance Art)
F (8/29) Columbian Exchange Chart Columbian Exchange
M (8/31) Chapter 16. Maritime Expansion in Afro-Eurasia, 1500–1700

Last day to enroll or add without instructor permission.
Last day for online enrollment.

Mock Pop Quiz

Hideyoshi Invasion and Confucianisms
W (9/2) Reformation
F (9/4) Indian Ocean Trade and Joint Stock Cos.
M (9/7) Labor Day holiday
9/8 Last Day to drop without ‘W’
W (9/9) Chapter 17. Religion, Politics, and the Balance of Power in Western Eurasia, 1500–1750 Ottoman, Safavid, Mughal

Chart: Islamic Gunpowder Empires

F (9/11) EM Europe: Kennedy Thesis
M (9/14) Chapter 18. Empires, Colonies, and Peoples of the Americas, 1600–1750, World Systems Theory(Comparison Chart)
W (9/16) Chapter 19. The Atlantic System: Africa, the Americas, and Europe, 1550–1807 Migration and Social Change
F (9/18) EM Africa and Historiography
M (9/21) Chapter 20. Empires in Early Modern Asia, 1650–1818

Last day for half tuition refund

Book Choice Due

Early Modern: Definition

Lecture Outline: Early Modern Asia

W (9/23) 19c Narratives: dynastic cycles, decline, impact/response
F (9/25) Catch-up/Review
M (9/28) Test
W (9/30) Chapter 21. European Science and the Foundations of Modern Imperialism, 1600–1820 Scientific Revolution
F (10/2) Chronological Bibliography of Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment Enlightenment
M (10/5) Chapter 22. Revolutions in the West, 1750–1830, American Revolution: Interpretations
W (10/7) Book Summary Due French Revolution: Rorshach
F (10/9) Guest Lecturer: Dustin Strong

French Revolution and Napoleon Chronology

Napoleon and Reactions
M (10/12) Chapter 23. The Industrial Revolution and European Politics, 1780–1880,Columbus Day (not a holiday) Industrialization
W (10/14) 19c Political thought
F (10/16) Fall Break
M (10/19) Chapter 24. China, Japan, and India Confront the Modern World, 1800–1910,

Midsemester D/F Grades Due

Book Thesis Due (also revised summaries, if required)

China: Opium and Religion
W (10/21) Japan: Meiji
F (10/23) Inauguration of PSU President Dr. Steven Scott, 2pm. Classes dismissed.
10/24 Homecoming
M (10/26) Chapter 25. State Building and Social Change in the Americas, 1830–1895 North v. South (Comparison Chart)
W (10/28) Chapter 26. The New Imperialism in Africa and Southeast Asia, 1830–1914 New Imperialism: Korea (Chronology)
F (10/30) Catch-up/ReviewBook Argument/Evidence Due

Last day to apply for December graduation

M (11/2) Test
W (11/4) Chapter 27. War, Revolution, and Global Uncertainty, 1905–1928 WWI: Fronts and Technologies (Chronology)
F (11/6)

Last day to drop single course.

“Age of Anxiety”
M (11/9) Book Context Due

Chapter 28. Responses to Global Crisis, 1920–1939

Politics: Nationalism, Wilsonianism, Totalitarianism
W (11/11) Veteran’s day (not a holiday) Great Depression: Origins and Responses
F (11/13) Chapter 29. The Second World War and the Origins of the Cold War, 1939–1949 Naziism & Holocaust
M (11/16) Guest Lecturer: Dustin Strong

Book Criticisms Due

WWII: technologies of total war
W (11/18) WWII: Atrocities
F (11/20) Instructor Absent
M (11/23) Chapter 30. The Cold War and Decolonization, 1949–1975, Cold War (Chronology), Proxy Wars
W (11/24) Thanksgiving Holiday
F (11/26) Thanksgiving Holiday
M (11/30) Chapter 31. Toward a New World Order, 1975–2000

Book Recommendations Due

1980s Coalition & Decolonization and Internationalism
W (12/2) Globalization, Culture and Technology
F (12/4) Chapter 32. Voyage into the Twenty-First Century, Disease and Migration, Law and Rights
M (12/7) Catch-up/Review
W (12/9) Test
12/10 Last day to withdraw from entire term.
F (12/11) Complete Book Review Due

Last Day of instruction

12/15 Final Exams Due, noon, Russ Hall 406F

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