Hist 102 (Spring 2010)

Hist 102: World History from 1500

Spring 2010, sections 3 and 4

Jonathan Dresner
Office: Russ Hall 406F
Office Hours: MWF 10-12, 1-2; Tu 10-12, 1-3


Administrative Deadlines and Instructional Holidays are in Italics

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Readings, Deadlines and Assignments

Topics and Resources

1/14 (Th) Classwork begins
1/15 (F) First Day of Class 1500 and All That
wealth in 1500, population in 1500
1/18 (M) MLK Day/Instructional Holiday
1/20 (W) What is History?
Homework due by email: Student Information Form
Historical Theory and Method
1/21 (Th) Last day for full fee refund
Last day to add new classes
Last day for late enrollment
1/22 (F) Chapter 15. Maritime Expansion in the Atlantic World, 1400–1600, Humanism and Renaissance
Resource: Renaissance Art
1/25 (M) Columbian Exchange
Resource: Columbian Exchange Chart
1/27 (W) Chapter 16. Maritime Expansion in Afro-Eurasia, 1500–1700 Religions of the world
Hideyoshi Invasion
Resource: Neo-Confucianism
1/29 (F) Final day for dropping course without grade report Reformation
2/1 (M) Indian Ocean Trade and Joint Stock Cos.
2/3 (W) Chapter 17. Religion, Politics, and the Balance of Power in Western Eurasia, 1500–1750

Article Choice Due

Ottoman, Safavid, Mughal
Resource: Islamic Gunpowder Empires
2/5 (F) EM Europe: Kennedy Thesis Powerpoint outline
2/8 (M) Chapter 18. Empires, Colonies, and Peoples of the Americas, 1600–1750, World Systems Theory
2/10 (W) Article Summary and Context Due

Chapter 19. The Atlantic System: Africa, the Americas, and Europe, 1550–1807

Migration and Social Change

Resource: African Slave Trade figures

2/12 (F) EM Africa and Historiography
2/15 (M) Chapter 20. Empires in Early Modern Asia, 1650–1818

President’s Day/ No Holiday

Early Modern: Definition
2/17 (W) Article Thesis, Argument, Evidence Due 19c Narratives: dynastic cycles, decline, impact/response
2/19 (F) Chapter 21. European Science and the Foundations of Modern Imperialism, 1600–1820 Scientific Revolution
Resource: Chronology of Scientific and Enlightenment publications
2/22 (M) Enlightenment
2/24 (W) Chapter 22. Revolutions in the West, 1750–1830,
Article Criticisms and Recommendation Due
American Revolution: Interpretations
Resources: US Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States
2/26 (F) French Revolution: Rorshach
Resource: Chronology of French Revolution and Napoleon and Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen
3/1 (M) Napoleon and Reactions
3/3 (W) Chapter 23. The Industrial Revolution and European Politics, 1780–1880, Industrialization
3/5 (F) 19c Political thought
3/8 (M) Complete Article Review Due (note new date)

Chapter 24. China, Japan, and India Confront the Modern World, 1800–1910.

China: Opium and Religion
3/10 (W) Japan: Meiji
3/12 (F) Catch-up/Review
D/F Grades Due
3/15-19 Spring Break
3/22 (M) Catch-up/Review
3/24 (W) Instructor Absent
3/26 (F) Instructor Absent
3/29 (M) Chapter 25. State Building and Social Change in the Americas, 1830–1895 North v. South
Resource: North and South America Comparison
3/31 (W) Chapter 26. The New Imperialism in Africa and Southeast Asia, 1830–1914
Article Choice Due
New Imperialism: Korea
Resource: Chronology of Korea under Imperialism
4/2 (F) Chapter 27. War, Revolution, and Global Uncertainty, 1905–1928 WWI: Fronts and Technologies
Resource: WWI Chronology and WWI technology
4/5 (M) Article Summary and Context Due
4/7 (W) Chapter 28. Responses to Global Crisis, 1920–1939. “Age of Anxiety”
4/9 (F) Final day for dropping course unless withdraw from school
Article Thesis, Argument, Evidence Due
Politics: Nationalism, Wilsonianism, Totalitarianism
Resource: Mussolini on Fascism
4/12 (M) Great Depression: Origins and Responses
4/14 (W) Chapter 29. The Second World War and the Origins of the Cold War, 1939–1949 Naziism & Holocaust
Resource: Hitler’s Plans
4/16 (F) Article Criticisms and Recommendation Due WWII: technologies of total war
Resource: WWII Technology
4/19 (M) Chapter 30. The Cold War and Decolonization, 1949–1975, Cold War
Resources: Cold War Chronology and Proxy Wars
4/21 (W) . Decolonization and Internationalism
Resource: Universal Declaration of Human Rights
4/23 (F) Chapter 31. Toward a New World Order, 1975–2000 1980s Coalition & Globalization
Resource: “How Reagan Looks to a Teacher of World History”
4/26 (M) Complete Article Review Due Culture and Technology
4/28 (W) Chapter 32. Voyage into the Twenty-First Century, Disease and Migration
4/30 (F) . Law and Rights
5/3 (M) . The Future
5/5 (W) Catch-up/Review .
5/6 Last day to withdraw from university .
5/8 (F) Catch-up/Review .
Final Exams
9am: 5/12, 9-10:50
2pm: 5/14, 2-3:50
Final Exam Essays Due

Hist 102: World History from 1500

Fall 2009, sections 2 and 4

Jonathan Dresner
Office: Russ Hall 406F
Office Hours: MWF 10-11, 1-2; TuTh 10-12


Administrative Deadlines and Instructional Holidays are in Italics

Assignments and Tests are in Bold

Attendance, Preparation and Participation




Article Reviews (2)


Final Exam


NOTE: I will be happy to go over your grades and let you know how you are doing in the course at any time.

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