Test 3 Results

The most popular people were Charles Darwin, Karl Marx and John Stuart Mill; other popular terms include fossil fuels and coolies. There weren’t any real outliers in terms of unpopularity, except maybe Scramble for Africa.

The high score in the class was 44 out of a possible 48, but I used the second-highest score, 42.5, to preserve a reasonable distribution. The median score was a B again, and there were no D-level grades. Here’s how the grade scale worked out:

Grade minimum points distribution
A+ 42.5
A 40 12.5%
A- 38.25
B+ 35
B 30.75 62.5%
B- 27.5
C+ 24.25
C 19 25%
C- 15.75
D+ 12.5
D 8.25
D- 5
F 0

About 1/6 of the class got both extra credit questions correct; about half got one.