Extra Credit Opportunity: Darfur and Sudan Today

Tilford Lecture
Tuesday October 6, 3 pm
Balkans Room – OSC
Darfur, Sudan Today
Don’t miss a talk by Rev. Daniel Kuot, one of the ‘lost boys of Sudan,’ who’s village was attacked, his family killed and he was shot and fled to Ethiopia. Like many of the survivors of the genocide of Darfur, Daniel has immigrated to the United States after many years as a refugee in Ethiopia.
Today he spends all of his time working to help those who are still in Sudan. He is building a school in his village of Paloi. He has just started a micro-credit program to help farmers create enterprises to support their families. And he supports several orphans at a school in Kenya. Come and hear Daniel’s amazing story and hear what is happening in Sudan today.
Daniel will be speaking at 3:00 pm on Tuesday, October 6,  in the Balkans Room at the Overman Student Center. This talk is sponsored by the Tilford Group at PSU. For information about Daniel’s talk or other times to hear him contact Dan Ferguson, HHPR, ferguson@pittstate.edu or 235-4911.