End of Semester Survey

The extra credit survey on your quizzes gave me some interesting feedback. The clearest answer to the “what should we have spent less time on” question was “Asia,” with military/warfare history also getting a few more dings than the rest of the topics. The question of what I should have spent more time on is more complicated: Africa, Europe/US, Latin America, Middle East, politics/warfare and religion/philosophy all got large numbers of votes (about a quarter of the class), with family/social and literature/culture coming in the second tier. Definitely something to think about for next semester, though it would be easier if the number of “more” answers wasn’t so much greater than the number of “less” answers; I don’t know where I’m going to find the time! I’m not likely to pull back the Asia material much, but I do think I can do a better job of making it clear how it’s integrated with the rest of the textbook material, and there are definitely areas that I could do a bit more in. Thanks!

You got a half point for each question, and a point for the explanation: two points possible. I was not grading on whether I agree with you or not, obviously.