Test 3 Results

The most popular terms were 9/11, Holocaust, Great Depression and Cuban Missile Crisis; this really is a depressing section of the course! The high score in the class was 36 out of a possible 40, not counting extra credit, which made calculating the grades much easier for me. The median score was a B- meaning that about as many people got above a B- or above as a B- or below. There was a very even distribution across the B and C grades. Here’s how the grade scale worked out:

Grade minimum points distribution
A+ 36
A 34 11%
A- 32.4
B+ 29.4
B 26.4 43%
B- 23.4
C+ 20.4
C 17.4 38%
C- 14.4
D+ 11.4
D 8.4 8%
D- 5.4
F 0 0%

As you can see, nobody who took the test failed, and the average was noticeably higher than previous tests, even though the top score was a little higher than last time: most people did better than previously, or held steady.