Test 1 Results

Here is the overall distribution of grades for the test as a whole. The high raw score in the class was a 94, so that was used as the 100% mark, and extra credit was added after the adjusted score was calculated. (Most people who did the extra credit got 2 points or more, by the way)

Level % of class
A 10%
B 14%
C 34%
D 28%
F 14%

Note: Now that I’ve given back the tests, if you weren’t in class (or took a make-up test today), you’ll have to come get your test from me. I won’t use additional class time tracking people down. I will bring the tests to class for the next day or two, to make it easier, though.
Another Note: I know that my handwriting isn’t always clear; I’m happy to translate if necessary. Sorry.