Grading Blogging: Two pages down….

Here are the questions people had the most trouble with on the first two pages. On the last two, yes, the answer is NOT ‘all of the above’ but about half the class picked it anyway. On the Five Principles, the Statement of Faith and Charity were the two pillars most frequently missed; I always have trouble remembering the first one, myself.

  1. The square-sailed, rudder-steered boats of Chinese traders were called
    1. biryani
    2. djinni
    3. junks
    4. stupas
  2. Disease, privatization, new religions, political disruption and lack of military control all played a role in the end of
    1. the Byzantine empire
    2. the Han dynasty
    3. the Mauryan Empire
    4. the Umayyad dynasty
  1. Although Ashoka’s empire did not last long after his death, he still
    1. conquered to the very southern tip of India
    2. established diplomatic relations with China and the Umayyads
    3. helped spread Buddhism within and beyond India
    4. all of the above
  1. The goal of Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path is to
    1. define a radical monotheism
    2. eliminate suffering by extinguishing desire
    3. promote social harmony by creating order
    4. all of the above