Final Exam Distribution: Columbus v. Natives ; Locke v. Hobbes

I haven’t graded the finals yet, obviously, but I did sort them out to see which questions were most popular (and make sure that I got a final from everyone). Wow.

Compare and contrast the liberation of Latin America in the early 19th century and the decolonization of Africa in the late 20th century. 5
Describe the effects of the world slave trade on sub-Saharan Africa. (Don’t spend time talking about slavery in the Americas or elsewhere; focus on Africa). 10
Describe the world economy around 1700. Include trade, flows of silver and gold, the role of agriculture, major exporters and the state of technology. How are things changing? 7
Did the Columbian Exchange benefit Native American populations in any way, or was it entirely disastrous? 38
How did the Industrial Revolution affect Asia? How do Asian nations respond to the economic and military power of the West after industrialization? 10
Locke and Hobbes had very different ideas about the role of government and the rights of the individual. Describe their ideas, especially their differences. How have those ideas influenced political history over the last 300 years, and which of these thinkers is closest to our present-day ideas about rights and government? (globally, not just the United States) 26