Live-blogging Grading: Page 4, “All Of The Above Strikes Back”

Page 3 is a lot like page 4: a bunch of “all of the above” questions, only one of which actually had that as the correct response. Two that didn’t, and which apparently fooled a lot of people, were

  1. The Great Learning of Confucius says that political harmony requires
    1. a balance between rewards and punishments, and clear job descriptions
    2. active citizens participating in decision-making and military action
    3. well-ordered families and educated people with sincere hearts
    4. all of the above
  1. The Qin Dynasty collapsed quickly, so it wasn’t able to
    1. build lots of roads and walls
    2. standardize language, weights, measures and money
    3. unify large territories
    4. write its own history
    5. all of the above

Varnas and the Mandate of Heaven were apparently substantial challenges, as well.

That’s all for tonight. I’m sure I’ll get through the remaining multiple choice questions tomorrow, though adding things up, etc., takes more time than you might think. Not sure about the essays, though: it’s looking like Wednesday for test return.