Spring 2011: Welcome!

A quick guide for those new to my edublogs sites:

  • I will use this blog, the front page of the site, for announcements and some assignments. You can check the blog regularly (I recommend at least once before each class) or subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed if you read news and blogs that way, or get emails of new posts (you have to sign up for an edublogs account, but I believe it’s free).
  • The links in the header above will take you to most of the important starting places.
    • The Resources For World History page is an archive of handouts (I don’t actually hand them out anymore, but you can print them out yourself if you like), powerpoints, links to readings, policy statements, and other resources which I’ve used in the classroom. Usually, if I use something (or even think about using something), I’ll link it from the course schedule page (see below), but if I don’t, or if you just want to look around, this is the place to go.
    • The main course pages – Hist 102 (Spring 2011) for World History Since 1500 (both sections) and World History Seminar (820) for the graduate seminar World History as Discipline – contain a schedule of readings and assignments and resources complete with links to the appropriate posts and pages. This is the page that will change if there are schedule changes, the most up-to-date version of what’s coming up. From there, you can get to the original course syllabus, and some critical policy documents, or you can go to the Syllabi page.

I use Angel primarily as an email tool, and if it becomes necessary to provide a video lecture through Tegrity due to weather or other delays,  it will be made available through Angel. You can see my upper division course sites on edublogs as well: Japan, China and Korea.